Monday, September 22, 2003

I somehow managed to miss out on writing up my visit to Recklinghausen to the Dark Side Convention.

Too busy.

Too fatigued.

Too many impressions.

So I'll just say I had a wonderful time - met some great people - laughed a lot - and just enjoyed a great adventure....I'll try to get around to it eventually, but meanwhile...

Thanks to Britta and Volker for the hospitality (and to Volker's mother for the vodka drink! - It is still maturing on the shelf....I don't know if it will last until Christmas...) and to Volker's father for the lifts. Thanks to Dave for the games and learning how to count up to six in German. Big thanks to Nicole for patiently and fluently translating for both me and John Coppinger (nice to see our John) and for the great singing with Volker.

And thanks to everyone else who made it such a fun weekend..... Danke!

Enjoy yourselves at Echo Base, I'll be down the road at Charleroi.

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