Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Here is an absolutely fantastic (in the true sense of the word!) site.

I found it at lunch-time, and it is a serious temptation to goof off during work! Fortunately the phone keeps going, so I am managing to hold off until I get home...

I love magic, but not just conjuring. The whole realm of optical illusions, puzzles, mindbenders, brainteasers and amazing gadgets is a natural extension of conjuring. This site is called Grand Illusions and they certainly are.

In their shop (one click on from the free area) you will also find they have some extraordinary toys (a few of which I saw several years ago when a guy just pulled them out of his bag at a juggling convention...)

All over the site there is stuff to try, animated examples, things to make and do. Oh, and for Judith there is even the address of the only orrery maker left in England.

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