Saturday, June 21, 2003

Listening to Spike Jones on headphones as I walked to work. I had forgotten just how close jazz and cartoons were. The soundtracks of cartoons in my childhood were almost all comedy jazz with sound effects, and Spike Jones is the master of the mental pictures.

And they tried to kid us that dope was from the Sixties! Stoned humour is written all over the Spike Jones sound.

The suppressed history slowly leaked out, of course. You want the facts? Look at Jack Herer's Hemp site before you leap to judgment. When the killjoy Americans gave up trying to ban alcohol under Prohibition, they just switched that established police force onto banning the poor minorities' grow-your-own herb instead - marijuana. Accidentally, they made a most useful fibre, farmed all through the United States at that time(hemp), illegal overnight. Surprised some of the right-wing farmers. Lunacy.

But, if you don't already know this, you probably don't care. And I probably shouldn't be admitting to preferring grass to alcohol EVEN NOW, 35 years after 'The Sixties'. Like Bill Hicks asks - if there are people being rowdy, obnoxious and dangerous in a public place are they drunk or are they stoned? They're drunk, of course. Case closed.

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