Thursday, June 05, 2003

I had a great chat with HR and John Coppinger tonight. John was being interviewed online, and I spoke to Lars briefly, but the IM windows got confused (blame Trillian) and we were talking across each other. Sorry Lars - it was all on one screen to me, like a noisy party!

HR showed me a greeting on Lars' site here and as Babelfish couldn't do Danish, HR translated it for me. It was a birthday greeting (Feb 14th), and I was very is a quick translation which HR sent me:

"Hr Nielsen: A Birthday greeting.

I'm honored to inform that one of the greatest, most famous and best remembered puppeteers to ever have performed Jabba's left arm is turning 57 today.

His name is Toby Philpott, and his father was the first to ever do puppeteering on tv. His mother was an actress.

When he was younger he travelled the world as juggler, magician, fire eater and everything else he could think about

His job in Return Of The Jedi was to control Jabba's left arm, tongue and body movements.

He now, besides a son, has a huge fan following, and even though he describes his part of the Star Wars saga as being a minor part we should always remember that without people like Toby Philpott Jabba would have never come to life and eaten that frog.

Hr Nielsen: That is what it said"

Many thanks to HR (as ever) and to Lars and to all well-wishers. I am very grateful for all your good wishes.

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