Monday, June 30, 2003

A bit of a gap, there.

The gang have been off at Glastonbury, but I have been cat-sitting. Julie threw a BBQ on Thursday, which left me hanging on Friday (she had the day off). We did go out on Saturday (long drive to disappointing Sculpture Trail) - I had such good memories of it...hey ho.

All I ended up with was a stiff back from the road, and so I didn't go to a wedding reception OR a party due that evening. Hey Ho.

My first two-day weekend for a while, and it fell apart a bit.

Anyway - Monday back at work - humid still, here. There was some rain last night (just to make the tent-crew's life a bit harder), but overall it sounds as though Glastonbury went well. I was missing it quite badly (this is the first time I've watched it on television).

Not that I have gone every year, just that (when I didn't get to go) I didn't watch it on TV.

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