Wednesday, April 30, 2003

On a review for Richard Dawkins' newish book 'A Devils Chaplain' there is this quote, which more or less states my atheist attitude to Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and even the most recent events in Iraq (Christians versus Muslims).

"Is there no catastrophe terrible enough to shake the faith of people, on both sides, in God's goodness and power? No glimmering realization that he might not be there at all: that we might just be on our own, needing to cope with the real world like grown-ups?"

Richard Dawkins

Are there any national leaders on the whole planet who are atheist/agnostic/freethinkers? Rationalists? Anything approaching non-superstitious in their beliefs? Is there any chance of getting the job if you admitted it? We can't all have God on Our Side (to quote Bob).

PS: I hate defining myself as not believing in god (atheist) or not sure if there is a god (agnostic). I don't wish to define myself as though I am against something. I don't make things up (say, BLOB), and then go around asking you to believe the same thing as me OR define yourself as someone who doesn't believe in BLOB.

As Londoners say "Leave it out!"

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