Thursday, April 10, 2003

Just a quick announcement: I haven't bothered to try to fix that broken drive, yet. Maybe I can rescue the data, and maybe I can't.

I went off and bought a new hard drive, installed it, and am using it now. Of course, I have to reinstall all the software, once I have dug out the CDs, and passwords and such. I'll also have to download all the stuff bought through the Web (if I can find all the Order numbers, Product keys, etc). It's a lot of work, but I get a clean new system. And it's another reminder to backup regularly...

My more recent email exchanges are lost...didn't back that stuff up since the end of January, but addresses were mostly synchronised onto my handheld PC. If necessary, you can always contact me again....

I'll be doing a check list, and gathering my stuff together, but I don't think it's a total disaster. Goodnight everyone. Sleep well.

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