Monday, April 21, 2003

I've got to apologise to anyone who does come here regularly. I seem to have forgotten that brevity is part of writing for the Web screen. Right now the words are pouring out of me, even though my typing is still as slow and erratic as ever. But where is the damn book? (The one that everybody thinks they can write - the old myth - everyone's got one book inside them) That's what I want to know.

Have I missed that whole step out, and found myself in cyberspace, writing a little column for anyone who happens to turn up?

It's a funny old world. Hello to Gerold and Eveline (picture will be posted on Tuesday); a big hello to Britta, Volker and a late Happy Birthday to Dave; and an especial Hi to Julia (I will phone soon, I promise, but the flu is in my throat right now).

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