Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I've been under the duvet. After my PC got hit (old age or virus, maybe?) last week, my bodymind got hit (old age or virus, maybe?) and it was bad enough that I took time off from work. Anyone who knows my 'show must go on' attitude to contracts will know that means I am feeling pretty rough.

I've read a couple of books, through the fever, and coughing, and sleepless nights (and let's face it, you have to be ill, these days, to find the time to get through 600 pages) . I finished 'Interface' by Neal Stephenson (who has a very plain, but fascinating website here) and it was most excellent. I have enjoyed all his stuff so far, rich nourishing and stimulating books. Then I remembered I hadn't even waited for the library to get the latest William Gibson (his blog is here), I had bought my own hardback - 'Pattern Recognition' - and this is in a class of its own. Not a megablockbuster book, not a million pages, but very insidious. More sci-fi of the present, with that conspiracy edge I enjoy.

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