Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I came across a bunch of old papers today, on alternative money systems. They were notes for a briefing sheet I was going to write for The London Ecology Centre (back in 1994) after I did the one on Cars. Hey ho, I was forced to go out and get a proper job, so there was no time to continue being a volunteer writer, and that year then just went downhill all the way.

I'd like to piece all that stuff together again, although I have as little hope that we will ever change our money ideas, as that we will ever attain a lasting world peace, or that people will stop exploiting the environment and settle for something sustainable, or abandon religions and adopt a god-free morality.

I am a pessimist, not an activist. But I love the ideas - and I think we have to keep our possibilities in front us, just in case. I'd really like to join Bucky in believing that changes will come when people see the advantages... Enlightened self-interest, they call it don't they?

Anyway - have a look at this Money site, while I put my thoughts in order....

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