Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Feeling fractionally better today, after missing yet another holiday period. Read a few books, though. I've read a couple of Carl Hiasen's in the last few days. Strange mixture - satiric comedy thrillers, or something. I first of all read "Lucky You", and then "Stormy Weather". There are some grim moments, and a lot of comedy, a bit like a Tarantino movie...

And this quote popped out of Stormy Weather, pointing back to Henry Miller [Tropic of Cancer], one of my favourite writers in my youth (no, not for the rude bits but for the anarcho-mysticism):

"Once I thought that to be human was the highest aim a man could have, but I see now that it was meant to destroy me. Today I am proud to say that I am inhuman, that I belong not to men and governments, that I have nothing to do with creeds and principles. I have nothing to do with the creaking machinery of humanity - I belong to the earth! I say that lying on my pillow and I can feel the horns sprouting from my temples."

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