Monday, April 07, 2003

DOESN'T IT MAKE YOU CRAZY? I have had an unstable and complaining PC for a week or two, but the messages didn't seem to add up. I blamed new bits of software, or people doing things in other profiles. It's always good to blame others :-) Suddenly, when chatting to John C on sunday, the thing went Pfffzzwgghpeyow... and just shut down. Couldn't Restart it. Let it cool down. It didn't even recognise the C Drive, (accused it of being corrupt). when I opened the PC (I've already voided the ewarranty by doing that!) and disconnected the hard drive, the POST test comes up with memory test failed.... So I am guessing that it is the RAM that needs replacing. Did I drive you all away yet? (apart from the sneering geeks, of course, who know what's happened, how I've done it to myself, what I ought to have done (particularly backups), why I shouldn't have tried XP in the first place, etc...

Hey ho.

Still, I loved Donnie Darko, and it reminded me how much I enjoyed Waking Life, recently, too. Only go to the Donnie Darko site if you want to be frustrated and challenged. Even with a cheater page I found I can't get everywhere...[uh oh, I just tried it here, at work in my lunch hour, and it works, so maybe it was all a symptom of my dying PC].

The lucid dream theme of Waking Life, and now the Time Travelling aspect of DD have reminded me that I never did get my friend Mick's book "Another Kinda Time" up online. I can't at the moment, of course!

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