Monday, April 28, 2003

Back at my desk today. Not a good start to the day (still coughing) but at least I am back at work. Whether I have the stamina for an 8 hour day remains to be seen.

Looking at The Ecologist - scary stuff about oil and it's role in wars (and WHY did we ignore the sustainable resources cry of a couple of decades ago?) in the April 2003 issue. Addicted to Oil? Try 30 steps to an oil-free world.

The May issue has material on Hemp (another case we've been shouting about since the Sixties) as a multi-purpose plant/fibre; TV addiction; Recycling (UK does 12% at the moment); and an article by Fritjof Capra (the systems theorist) about the insecurity of centralised resources, and the security inherent in de-centralised units of production.

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