Wednesday, March 05, 2003

This bit's aimed at Julia, and Keili, and Mali, and other family and friends. Not everything in the blog is for everyone...

I guess the girls are gettting on their plane in Thailand round about now. They'll be back here tomorrow morning. I am doing a bit of cleaning, because, after my initial despair and loneliness, caused by not having the time or money to join them on their trip, I finally got used to being on my own here, and started to enjoy it and perceive it as freedom. (When three weeks had passed - the kind of time most people spend away on holiday - and I found there was another three weeks to go I pulled myself together).

I even started appreciating being on my own. Guess what? I've settled into it now, and their returning will be another upheaval. And a cue for another round of envy. (Before they left I had to get out sometimes when they were going through all the guide books planning. I got over it. Now I will have to look at pictures and hear what I missed). I'll certainly try to be nice about it....

I don't suppose it will even be terribly popular to have published this ambivalence. But, hey, I became a bachelor again (up all night playing on the Internet).

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