Thursday, March 13, 2003

The story from Resurgence (below) pretty much sums up how I have approached my working life... I started out in semi-retirement, loads of time and no money.....there was a short period when all that paid off, and I got some real income, but I still missed my time. I then took a few more years Rich in Time, Poor in Money.

Now I have a steady job, but low paid. Probably the worst of both worlds in one way (I've given up 37 hours a week, 48 weeks of the year - and without an income from which I can save to buy some time back). The only things that make it bearable are that I am learning a lot, (keeps you young), doing something genuinely useful, staying up with modern communications and information, hanging out in libraries (my favourite buildings of all) and getting to evolve a steady relationship, both with a community and a very precious individual (you know who you are).

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