Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Hi everyone (and a big hello to Julia and Eleanor)

I have now heard from Julie, so I know that they arrived safely in Thailand. Only 6 weeks to go (that's just me). We have snow warnings here, and they are in 30 C. Hey ho.

All seasons are available at any time, of course, if you have both time and money available. It's just a matter of taking your bodymind around the spacetime world to experience it. As I get older (and with far less free time - from having a steady job) I reduce my expectations of places I might visit one day. I reduce them every day. They may well remain places of the mind. Thanks to books and TV we all have some idea what these places are like, but still you can never tell what experiences YOU (as an individual) might have if and when you were there in person. That's the adventure.

I never was much of a tourist. I rarely arrived with money to pump into poorer economies. That also means I didn't tempt any rip-offs. I tended to travel to work.

Still, I have a funeral to go to, and may (you never know) meet some old friends in London this week. After that I may try to enjoy my solitude for a while.

PS: I'll find a less silly title when I can...

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