Monday, December 23, 2002

Well, the season is almost upon us now. I guess I may have to join in with the party game I mentioned before. This seems to involve the shops and warehouses piling up every bit of tat they have, and us all going round collecting it all up and redistributing the stuff around the city. Every household does is duty - taking in all the forlorn objects, nick-nacks, bits of furniture, plastic toys, etc. The object is to rehouse ALL the stuff by Christmas. I feel guilty every time I see an unsold item now - I can't look them in the eye. Left on the shelf. I can't even say 'I can't afford you' as I pass by on the other side, because this is the season of over-indulgence, 'treating' yourself, going wild, nothing to pay for a year, zero interest credit, reckless spending, etc. (sorry, delete that last one, it sounds negative).

Of course, you need tokens and tickets to play, but they'll lend them to you, so there's no excuse if you simply can't afford it.

And guess what happens if we successfully find a home for EVERY GI Joe and bottle, every wicker work chair and DIY tool, every game and every piece of jewellery - that's right, they fill the stores back up with CHEAPER stuff for the sales. And the Sales are not in January nowadays, they start on Boxing Day.

In fact, I am told, I will not even be able to wander around the wreckage on Christmas Eve (as I used to) - picking among the flotsam and jetsam - the shop-soiled, customer-ransacked shelves - amid the weary assistants praying (religiously) for the end - unable to find the colour or size I want, of course - until finally BLISS - it's too late, and everything closes.

Nope. No peace - they are pumping up Christmas Eve with 'early Sales'... And they are going to have open hours throughout the holiday. I despair, I really do.

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