Saturday, December 21, 2002

Happy Solstice every pagan!

Anyway, where was I? I don't know what to buy the woman who has everything, but I wander around without a thought in my head. I know the world is full of wonderful gizmos, but do we really need any more things?

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste...." Actually, I can't compete in the wealth range of presents because they are all designed to be bought on credit for future earnings. And as for taste, well I have rarely successfully bought anything pretty, or fragrant, or stylish for anyone (especially women). Taste is a tough and personal area. It's why I prefer book tokens to books...

Anyway, Shop Surly for Christmas might be my slogan, except for the fact that I am a reformed man. After a long stressful period of my life I am resolved to cheer up. I have always preferred putting on the attitude, putting on the style. Optimism is a tactic.

I just can't get rid of my wider world view. Last week we were all walking around looking at concentrations of objects in shops, and now most of those objects are scattered throughout the surrounding buildings. Shops empty, Houses full.

And somehow this is all supposed to keep us employed and affluent. It was OK when I was a performer, and could milk the season for which people wanted 'hired jollity'. I had plenty of goodwill for people (once I got over the temptation to do children's parties!)

I never was a very good 'punter'.

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