Sunday, November 24, 2002

There was a party last night at Ali's, for the lad. A nice smaller gathering.

I have a new computer game. I play one of my music tracks, and at the same time go off to the Web to try to find the lyrics so I can sing along with it. I've never shown any real talent for singing (I certainly don't karaoke), but I like the sensation in my chest, so I carry on doing it, but it is just for my own amusement really. And now I have found and marked a few key lyric sources, the hunt is not so difficult every time. It's one of the reasons that I have not got into 'computer games', as there are so many ways to play with a PC anyway - and if I want puzzles and cryptics to crack, I just have to work on the mysteries of Microsoft...fixing or changing my system and settings. Tougher than killing the villains and grabbing the gold (or whatever they do...)

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