Friday, November 15, 2002

It was nice to talk to Michael Nielsen again last night. We should be meeting up at Jedicon.

I believe that John Coppinger will be turning up, too. Mike Quinn is flying in from the States. I think Dave Barclay will already be back in the States before the convention, and rumour has it that Mike Edmonds is working in Edinburgh (?) so this probably won't be the great Jabba get-together, but it might still happen one day, now we are all in touch. You never know (my motto).

I just finished a four day First Aid course - imagining all the horrible things that can happen to people. And then imagining that I am the person who is expected to deal with it..... I didn't sleep well, this week. But I passed, and am qualified again.

Keili is still here, helping me with my artwork. I am still enjoying the novelty of bonding with such a great person, and then realising that we really are related...closely. It's a flash. And stories about my own dad sound different when I tell them to him.

Very glum, hibernating weather now, in Cardiff. Cold, wet and windy.

I think I am due for a bit of a holiday soon - having not had a break since I got back from Hawaii in March. Phew! I am pretty tired.

And that's it for trivia thinking again.

¡Hasta la MaƱana!

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