Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Hardly a prize winning site are we? I have enjoyed the growth of blogs, but only have a little time to explore them.

I enjoyed digging around in the 5k sites, however. That's some achievement! [non-programmer speaking]. If you don't know about this, there is an explanation here

On we go. I am feeling a bit old right now, with Keili here [I am two and a half times older than him, and he's a grown man] - as he and Rhiannon hang out like siblings. On my day off now I can find R on the sofa with the remote control and the phone, and K locked into the computer. I don't quite know how to act, of course, having never been an effective parent figure. I am neither an equal nor an elder. It's all too noisy and bouncy for me - and combined with the building work reminds me what an old buffer I have become, after all...

It comes to us all. At a Travellers Awareness day at the library recently I was reminded that the average life span for male Gypsy/Travellers in the UK - RIGHT NOW - is 54 I guess I am doing well.

The autumn is on its way, the sun sinks lower over the house, and there is less time (almost none) to bask after a working day.

The rains will start all too soon - and the wind, of course. Fireside time coming up. Could be worse. [Like we could lose the roof in the middle of winter. Oh, that IS THE PLAN.] sigh.

You can tell the gloom is upon me - but these are passing clouds. I don't mean to just drag everyone down, but it's a diary, and I go up and down. It's just the way of the bodymind. May you be healthy and happy - and have some fun, all in your own good time.

There. Happy now?

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