Wednesday, May 15, 2002

See how time flies? I have been through another month of The Spring not quite arriving....

Bob Dylan came to Cardiff with his current band, and was excellent. My friend Judith came over from Somerset to watch - it was my present for her Sixtieth birthday (no secret, I hope Judith!) For Judith on her miscellaneous birthday........

I love the new band - especially playing the stuff from the new album - their album - Love and Theft - and we had a great view, as I had somehow bought tickets in the balcony, front row, centre stage. We could have done with binoculars, for close-ups, but we were right in the sound mix... Just up and behind the sound man.

Down on the floor people had to take their chances - thousands of standing, milling, dancing people below us. I heard good and bad reports about the sound and view down there - but there was no doubt that people mostly had a pretty good time. After the second encore Judith asked if it was the interval. Over two hours continuous music had flown by..........

The circus has its new show on the road - Sci Circus. The original crew do not appear on stage this year. Everyone is new (except Peter who joined recently, but has appeared in several shows). I saw the opening night, and enjoyed it a lot, in spite of my doubts (even rebels resist change) and after a wobbly start (it isn't easy telling the audience they don't have seats to settle into, but have to MOVE) I really got into it and enjoyed it a lot. The kids I was with thought it was great, as they milled around in the crowd, finding their own viewpoint, while the action moved from place to place within the tent.

I loved Dan's hat routine, but I didn't get to tell him that.

Sponsored by Science Year - the theme of SciCircus is the place where science and circus meet - gravity, friction, inertia, centre of balance, fulcrums, pulleys, it's all there. This is not a pompous lecture, however. When the audience arrive they find lots of 'things to do' with a science theme - there are booths with distorting mirrors, and puzzles, and disorientation tricks. The show emerges from all this, and wanders about the space, incorporating shadow shows, theatre in the round, booth stage, and aerial circus feats, with the audience breaking and moving and reforming as they go and performers popping up all over the place, and the lights shifting. There are many amazing props, too, but I won't spoil that for you by describing them - large and small.

The circus skills were excellent, and eventually we were charmed by this strange crew......good clowning....great disruptive fun.

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