Monday, March 04, 2002

And now I am back. Jet-lagged. Stiff neck. Disorientated. Back to work in about 6 hours.

I am a little bit browner, (in spite of the tropical downpours which dominated the end of the festival); a bit older; only slightly wiser.

I don't regret having a trip instead of buying a new computer (when you're poor all choices are either/or). I met some great people, who put up with my wayward ways and funny attitiudes - and I learned a couple of new tricks (although I still didn't get into club passing, which seems to dominate the juggling sub-culture even now). And I don't have time to sort through the photos just yet, but I will post a few at some point.

I had a bit of time to think, and saw some very funny acts, and talked to some fascinating people. The journey was pretty tough in both directions (thanks to delays, American Security issues, etc) but was a price worth paying, I guess.

More soon.

Aloha to all friends (past, present and future) and family (wherever you are).

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