Monday, February 11, 2002

Well, I don't think I should be allowed to cross the road on my own, let alone go around the planet! I was packed and ready to go, doing the last minute bits....then I thought 'I'll just post that letter and go'. As the Post Office is next door, I nipped out to post Judith an ephemeris I found (it used to be a tradition), but, as the door clicked, I thought - 'I've already put the keys in the bag' - not thinking I would need them for a couple of weeks! Locked out! And although Julie normally works a quarter mile away - just today she is on a training session miles away...her sister (who has a key) is out...and I'm standing on the road in the drizzling rain - kicking myself. Hawaii seems a long way away. Well, there again, it really is! I am not flying until tomorrow, but I wanted to catch a little bit of London - so it is only stupid, and not disastrous. ["Dis-aster" OR the stars are making things difficult]

When I used to travel quite a bit, I didn't make many mistakes - I had routines. One of them was to never put keys in the bag until you've left the city...It's a funny old time. Still, I popped in to the circus house and caught a couple of friends to say goodbye to...Peter in from Finland and Dan (going out with the circus tour for the first time this year). So that was nice. I am just so jittery - it is weird. Of course - it's Chinese New year tomorrow, so it's a new moon...and (if you believe this stuff) there are loads of planets in Aquarius - including the Sun conjunct Uranus, and the moon just passed Neptune...and so on.

It's just me. I know this is some sort of Vision Quest to regain my perspective, or enthusiasm or something...It is a bold and dramatic move for no apparent reason. Still, I am not doing it very well. It was only on Saturday that I lost my wallet - so I will be a cash traveller, just as I always was before. I thought (just this once) I would be like everyone else and have a credit card backup. Well, I've had to stop that. I only got one two years ago to buy a computer, and do a bit of online shopping - I don't really use credit the way most people seem to these days.

Still, and all - what kind of clown am I? Take a deep breath - and 'Take Two'. I am sitting at the circus computer (where it all started a couple of years ago, as Ali and I took our first tentative steps out into the Internet, under Steve's guidance). I confess my inablity to do things's just craziness, but I guess that is what is all about...I have been sensible and reliable for quite some time now, and it is driving me nuts - well, no, it's not that bad, but I am dog-tired and bone weary, and that's for sure.

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