Thursday, January 10, 2002

It's a hard time for computers. Blogger has got a very slow server at the moment, so you can't always publish on the spur of the moment; one of my webmails at has got spam/viurs/hacker problems [I am not sure which] which means email is not getting through; now my ISP has trouble with it's email, so I can sometimes Send, and sometimes not.

I won't even mention my job - moving an old but functional network [for just the library service] into a highspeed connection, integrated with the rest of the Council network, all during working days - and trying to keep the level of service up....all for peanuts [no I won't say what kind of low pay library people get in Wales, suffice to say it is well below what is considered a minimum wage in the rest of Europe. Hey Ho. It's OK so long as I am learning something new.........

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