Sunday, January 27, 2002

Apparently the Gig raised about £4000 for the Red Cross. That's got to be good.

It would have been the birthday of my much beloved friend Mick Swain [now in another dimension] on Friday, and it will be W.C.Fields' birthday on the 29th. I don't really DO birthdays myself [much to the annoyance of people who do], but I try to make an effort sometimes.

My own is coming up, and will [hopefully] be spent on the far side of the planet...just for the hell of it.

As Fields wrote to one of HIS friends, however, 'If you keep on having these birthdays, you're going to die.....'

Or, even better [if you can hear the voice in your head] 'It's a funny old world, a man's lucky to get out of it alive...'

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