Saturday, October 06, 2001

I only gave one reference to Buddhist non-violent demonstrations...and I should immediately say that I am not a Buddhist. I empathise with the Buddhist 'model', but do not practice. If I DID follow a religion it would have to be something in that mold. All religions seem to have a certain tolerance in their precepts, but the younger ones still tend to proselytise....and it is that aggressive desire to convert others that I so dislike. If how one acts is something others want to mimic [to me religions are 'memes'] then those behaviours and beliefs will spread...and I seriously believe that that is the ONLY way that religious beliefs and ways of life should spread.
If you want to know more, read this account from someone who was there...
Sister True Emptiness

Here is just a small sample: "The number of Buddhists who sacrificed themselves increased. Thay Nguyen Huong immolated himself in Phan Thiet on August 4, 1963; the nun Dieu Quang in Nha Trang on the same day; Thay Thanh Tue in Hue on August 13. I know that in the West it is hard to understand why Vietnamese burned themselves. It looked like a violent act. Please try to be in the heart and mind of the person performing such an act of great love and sacrifice. To move the hearts of the hardest men and women, you have to give a gift of great value--even your own life. These people did not die when their bodies turned to ash. When I looked deeply at Thay Quang Duc's sacrifice, I could see his love and deep commitment to human rights born again in me and in thousands of Vietnamese and others all over the world. We received the fire of love and commitment to act from his great sacrifice."

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