Thursday, October 04, 2001

I can't keep it down any more. I grew up where, if people felt strongly enough, they could commit suicide to point out the suffering that others were already going through. They didn't take any innocents with them. Just calmly tried to show the media the suffering - give them a great shot....

What is obscene is dragging innocent people into your (possibly flawed) beliefs. Which is why (I suppose) I will never get over MY TEENS, when a Buddhist Monk got the attention of the world's media - about the obscenity of war, and bombs, and landmines, and napalm and religious persecution - by setting fire to himself. No innocents involved, just a kamikaze Self. THIS, I have to respect.
We give people medals who lay down their life for our side.

Here's the story - because I don't know how to put pictures up on Blogspot - (don't go if you're squeamish)

Buddhist's self-immolation

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