Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nothing New

Julie has pointed out to me how rarely I update this blog.

I don't want it to turn into just another empty vessel cast adrift like the Marie Celeste on the ocean of internet - the flotsam and jetsam of abandoned sites, great ideas that withered away, ambitions that faded.

I'd prefer to take it down than that.

Still, it proved useful over the last decade, as a diary and such, but I have expanded my repetoire, and my blog count, and seem to have a specialised one for most of my interests, so this 'generalist' one gets neglected, and maybe I only update once a month or so.

Here's a selection (not a definitive list, but indicating the variety):
  • Intelligence Increase (a blog about magic, cons, scams, manipulation, etc)
  • Right...Well... (created as a temporary notepad for my attempt to write a film script in a month - with Script Frenzy - I have decided to keep it on as my 'creative writing' blog)
  • Anon the Librarian (created as part of my demo to people at work of the use of modern social networking and publishing media)
  • Ty Cariad (supports the website for the cottage, while it is being rented out as a holiday destination)
  • Only Maybe (a collaborative blog I established for students and graduates of the Maybe Logic Academy)

Those are all on Blogger, but I put this e-Tutor one on WordPress, when experimenting as part of my Net Trainers course.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pen Names

Although (and of course) a lot of the fun of the Internet arises from using avatars and sock puppets and other simulations, masks and disguises...I have begun to map the various places 'I' have set up camp.

It may turn out that I don't want people to make all the connections (different hats for different sub-personalities), so the final hyper-linked map may remain just for my own use, but to give you an idea, here is the board with Post-It Notes that I am using to begin to trace all the places I use. Every now and then I get an "Aha!" moment and have to add another whole thread...

Without this, some blogs just become empty vessels, messages in bottles drifting helplessly on the cybertides; websites become boringly out-of-date and redundant, etc.
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