Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Sightings

I glimpsed the red head of a woodpecker (I guess a Green Woodpecker) the other day, when we had a bit of sunshine, and Dandy and I went for a long walk (2h 20m) across country, past the Highland Cattle, through the Forestry Commission land, into the Hafod Estate, and up and around and back through the village.

From the garden I have seen a Jay in the distance. And there are several around.

Yesterday evening I came across a slow worm in the back garden - another thing I haven't seen before.

And still it's grey and wet - and I have a rack full of smelly wet clothes from these walks in the rain (a couple each day). I guess I am walking 6-8 miles (up hill and down dale - there's no flat walking around here). It hurts a bit...getting quite sore around the shins, from all the walking on slopes...

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