Friday, October 13, 2006

No Fool Like an Old Fool

I have reather neglected this blog, as most of my energy has gone into Only Maybe in recent weeks. I did just get an email that might interest some readers, however:

the fool in Spain
* * * *
a rare opportunity to join a workshop with Franki Anderson
Two weekends of FOOLING in Barcelona
November 25+26
December 2+3
At the NEW “Escola de Clown de Barcelona”
tel. +34 933 042 846 PLEASE REPLY TO THIS ADDRESS
The workspace is near the centre of town and there is a youth hostel near-by.

asks "who am I really?"

Do I dare to be different, risk making a fool of myself, to connect with my souls journey?

Using theatre, Franki ‘the fool’ offers to support the individual in their unique process of self-discovery.

By viewing the world through the fools eyes, it is possible to show where normality is going mad.

When there is a wish to change the world, fools begin by changing themselves.

the fool

WORKSHOP weekend

be who you uniquely are

How can I be more creative?

How can I freely improvise in a deep and truthful way?

How can I develop my relationship with my audience?

This workshop explores the basic concepts of ‘the fool’, theatre and the audience.

An opportunity for new and experienced players to improvise dance and play in ‘the empty space’

There will be a limit of 12 places on this workshop

Message to fools

The emptyspace website is down, and Franki needs help to put up a new one, if anyfool has the time and skills to help please contact Franki
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