Thursday, June 08, 2006

Old Enough

Reflecting upon the fish pondTo paraphrase George Carlin: I don’t like people saying that I am getting older – let’s face it, I’m just getting old.

On Tuesday I decided to apply for my bus pass (free travel on buses around Cardiff for the Over-60s). Why not? I almost never use them (don’t like waiting, or having to know what the ‘right money’ is), but I may hop on and off if I don’t have to pay and can just wave a pass.

While doing that I realised I ought to apply for reductions on train fares, too. This seems more of a con, as you have to buy the card that gives you reduced fares (!) They did this to me with the National Express coach card I got when I turned 50 – charge you for the card, so you have to make a certain number of journeys before you break even… Still, for £20 they gave me a Senior Citizen’s railcard, and now I should get 30% off most journeys. First £60 trip (costing £40) will pay for it…so I should get my money’s worth from trains…this year.

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