Thursday, April 13, 2006

Too many hats

As I came out of the library today, I noticed two posters (relating to my other faces) on our noticeboard, and realised what a busy life I do lead. posing in the lobbyThe Circus poster for ImMortal reminds me that I will attend a board meeting for NoFit State tomorrow (Good Friday to you Christians), having found some places to advertise their local gig online - then return to work in the library on Saturday - then go to Newport to meet some Star Wars fans on Sunday.

No wonder I always seem to have 'social jetlag' (the latest name for getting up too early in the morning if you have the bodyclock of an owl - like me). I particularly dislike people who tell me living by daylight 'is' natural. Nonsense. The cold-blooded animals ruled the earth until those warm-blooded mammalian ancestors worked out how to stay awake at night, move around in the cold, and feast on dormant diurnal dinosaur tails.

Till Roenneberg believes that more than half the population are in effect socially jet-lagged all the time, because their body clock is permanently out of synch with their working hours (Chronobiology International, vol 23, p 497). New Scientist

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