Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Web Presence

As part of my job I have to check our internet connection, so I have to think of a new search each time (otherwise I may have just drawn on the cache) – so today I decided to look up old puppeteer co-workers Geoff Felix, Christopher Leith and Ian Tregonning. This led me almost immediately to a Muppet Wiki site where I found a pretty accurate and detailed biog for myself – which I can only think I owe to Habidabad (?) I corrected the couple of easily-made mistakes (the joys of Wiki, compared to some of the misleading info I find on the web, and can’t edit – like the New York film site that says I played the 1st Fairy in Labyrinth!) The other puppeteer entries seem nowhere near as complete, but I may try to contact the guys and steer them that way, as you can write the thing yourself.

Funnily enough, although going to Star Wars cons involves more fun than money for me (don’t give up the day job) – with the exception of Celebration 3 (where I did make some money, but not the fortunes some people hinted at) – getting into the local paper for this recent convention in Cardiff has amused my fellow workers in the library. Not only did I get into the Echo (text here, but not the pix), but a small para appeared in Weird Wales in ‘Wales on Sunday’ (a celeb gossip rag).

Still, I used to work in showbiz so mentioning this stuff doesn't come direct from the ego - you take any publicity, name checks and such that you can. I still have more fun talking to the fans, and being a 'good sport' - like meeting up with Dave Barclay and helping to fold the life-size Origami Jabba at C3. Possibly one of my favourite memories of 2005.

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