Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pancake Day

Regular readers will know what fun I get from religious calendars. Well, to be honest, most calendars seem religious in one way or another. So today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day.

In the UK Shrove Tuesday is known as Pancake day but in other countries it has other titles, in Germany it is called Fasnacht (night of the fast) In Italy it is called Carnivale (from the Latin for 'goodbye to the flesh') and Mardi Gras (literally 'Fat Tuesday') is celebrated in places as diverse as New Orleans, Brazil and Australia.
This was the day you used up all your rich food before the 40 day fast leading up to Easter. Interesting how people who claim that the church is infallible also manage to drop bits they find inconvenient. Christians act as though Muslims are a bit weird and fanatical to fast at Ramadan. They just gave it up (it's a bit uncomfortable) and went for obesity followed by chocolate eggs!
Enjoy your pancakes (same as every other day, a long stack with maple syrup, maybe...)

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