Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's da noyse!

K's album is already for pre-order at Amazon but they seem to have mis-spelt the easier word

Go figure

Oh, and Amazon UK, here.

Why they can't spell Metamorphosis I have no idea (I've asked them to correct it).

"Sa'Iyr a Tribal Metmorphosis" (sic) - but search under Pentaphobe, and you'll find it.

I just noticed they put a capital I in Sa'iyr, too, but I'll leave that correction to someone else!

Oh and 'noyse'? Just a word I came across - I have no idea if anyone uses it, but on Bob's 73rd birthday, with my 59th in the wind, being uncool could be the most fun on offer for us older critters... Happy Birthday Bob! Hi Lilikoi! Big up to Yo and Tilda! Hey, crap slang could be the new brown... James Brown that is! Wheeeeoooow!


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