Saturday, October 30, 2004

It's been a bad week

It started out OK, but I got a sensitive tooth that then went to full-blown pain and swelling and etc (let's not go there, huh) - suffice to say I am off work (phone support isn't much good from someone talking like The Elephant Man).

Haven't slept well, grumpy and depressed - hard to read or watch tv (headache) and so on - so not even fun time off.

You see - you didn't need to know this, did you? Shall I throw in that my friend Mick died ten years ago today, and we miss him as much today as then (Time may heal the wound, but the scar remains).

All this and the UK have now adopted the USA's Trick or Treat, as well as our own Firework Night, so now we have a whole week of hysteria and fireworks, etc.

Just be grateful you don't have to share a house with me right now.....


pentaphobe said...

What about Guy Fawke's night?

Well - a big, belated hello to Mick - good luck with your teeth..

Toby said...

Thanks for the kind thought, pentaphobe.

I was wrapping Guy Fawkes up with Fireworks Night (also known as Bonfire Night) - November 5th - because both are secular versions - Brits don't especially want to remember Lee Harvey Fawkes being setup as a Catholic Stooge (useful idiot) suposedly caught attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on the Opening Night (Nov 4th 1605 - with the King there, too - King James the Sixth of Scotland and First of England, I kid you not.

Even now no-one wants to investigate him buying his gunpowder through Lord Cecil (head of His Majesty's secret service) and being allowed to carry out the plan - even helped to smuggle barrels into the basement, etc - and only thwarted and exposed "just at the last minute". It destroyed the Catholic's bid for power in the UK.

I gotta feel ambivalent about all this...

The only fun has been to burn Maggie Thatcher in effigy, or (like my friend Richard Baker) The Houses of Parliament themselves (he did that when an arts worker up in Newcastle.) After all, why pick on an individual (even an evil old bitch) when it's the whole institution that needs a clean sweep. Hi Richard - nice one!

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