Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Mask Behind The Mask

I am enjoying being in the MaybeLogic Academy. I guess it's indiscrete, talking about a secret forum where everyone just has 'handles' (pseudonyms, aliases) and 'avatars' and no-one publishes their 'real name' or age or location or sex or anything. That's fine if you are into being mysterious.

I can't be bothered with all that. I publish all and be damned. Information wants to be free....Why should you believe a name like Toby Philpott anyway, when a quick bit of research will tell you that it's as probable a name as John Bull, Uncle Sam, Friar Tuck or Robin Goodfellow.....it happens to be what my parents called me, but why should you believe me?

So - hidden in plain sight - the cheekiest and best plan.

The Forums do seem to be a bit slow moving - perhaps I am the only person who pops in daily...and 'talks' a lot. Still I am looking forward to doing the Illuminatus! course, because I was always delighted with that book. I have also taken on the more daunting course about James Joyce and Ezra Pound - a bit of brain exercise - but working in the library really helps, as we have all kinds of old books out in The Stacks (some not catalogued) which are useful references for this kind of literary project.

Meanwhile, we are going for a week in the country soon...leaving someone else to feed the fish. The cats have had four of the goldfish now ( no surprise to me) but the smaller, faster, more camouflaged fish should be OK. hmmm.

The cats are on an Atkins Diet... (fish and birds)

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