Saturday, August 21, 2004

Are we there yet?

We are back from our holiday in West Wales. I am not sure Julie will ever want to go on a motoring holiday with me again! I got travel sick with the switchback winding roads, and the squidgy suspension, and was miserable for several of the days - it wasn't JUST the rain or media withdrawal...sorry about that, lover.

I am back at work today, although she has a few more days look at, and edit, her amazing photos...

One last thought about cars, however. I have decided that cars are for people who are always in the wrong place. Up they jump - "damn, I'm 30 miles from where I am supposed to be!" and off they go. They get there, half an hour later they realise they are wrong again "Back to the car!"

Once they can use the car to fix their bad planning, they end up living (say) 50 miles from where they work - forced to drive 100 miles a day, just to earn a living...of course drivers say they love it, but I think the thing they enjoy most is the privacy (the way some people use the toilet, or bath time as a retreat place). Play your own music, and no nagging (that's why most cars contain only one person, and car-share schemes are an uphill struggle).

Anyway - stuff to do....

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