Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Timothy Leary's Last Trip

Julie works weird shifts now - but it suits her!

i sit here, knowing she is doing Emergency Services Duty for my local environment - bless her! - while i kill a bottle of red wine (having got the library service through another day, on the computer level, at least) - she'll be home after midnight, to take calls through the night until 8.30 - and deal with them well... as best as is possible with the (always too limited) resources.

i am sitting here, and just watched the DVD I bought online - "Timothy Leary's Last Trip" - one great Irishman busting taboos (and boy, is death still a taboo in our modern culture). He was always good at pushing society's buttons.    Joy to you, wherever you are, man!

i sit here, publishing on Internet, the mode he knew was the way we were going...

i sit here.

i have threads - my great mate Graham has sat on the original Further bus; i saw Kesey touring the UK, and if the show i saw in Swansea was not inspired (we all dressed up and got there, to meet a lot of disorientated Americans) then i know it was just that they were "Stuck Inside of Swansea, with the Memphis Blues Again" (listen, it took me two days to hitch out of Ohio in 1972 - i understand); Tzi Whizz employed me for a while, and got me back into puppets and fun with the show Abrakadabra - then she lost a lot of weight (Marsha Marshmallow) and ran off to work with the Hog Farm and Wavy Gravy; my best time and parties (so far) have been with NoFit State Circus - the greatest crew a guy could wish for - still pushing the envelope as i write - have you seen their UFO tent? - man, all those people who gave their hours, days, weeks, months and years - all those people.  Un-fucking-believable. We appear dangerous, maybe - we're really harmless - good hearts are the thing. i don't care if you drink or smoke - i don't care if you don't - i don't really care if you eat fish or meat (although I grew up as an ovo-lacto-vegetarian), i don't care if you're a vegan. We've managed to hang out together when we all have had different values on these things. You should go to a party where everyone forgives and accepts each other.  you have no idea.


i gotta nuther DVD to watch, while my partner deals with the rough side of life, with grace, and charm, and wit - i love her, and i forget to tell her enough - if you see her, say hello - we'll be going back to the country for a while in August. Gotta say hello to nature, yet again.

Greetings to all sentient beings - and if you ain't sentient yet, Dubya, don't fret, you will be eventually... (it may be a rough ride for a while, when consciousness hits - but you CAN change)


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