Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A Muse and A Maze - your friends

As I doubt that many people find the page where I link to magical stuff (well, it's supposed to be a little bit secret) - I thought I would put a couple of the more amazing 'related arts' links here for your entertainment...

I recently read Ian Rowland's book on 'cold reading' and it was great (though I remain theoretical).

I love the puzzle cards he makes (Wow - ReFlexions and Flinks) (but haven't invested in one yet).

He also has a couple of 'impossible objects' or PPOs (Permanent Paranormal Objects) - a topological area that fascinates me.

And finally, why not look at his excellent and intriguing set of links , but be warned - you may be gone for some time!

Finally, I'd like to say thanks to him, for the link to Val Andrews' Book Test, which I ordered from Val - and it is truly simple and devious. To find this you will need to go to his Magicians Only page. Sorry, can't help with the password, but it really shouldn't be difficult if you have ANY magical knowledge at all. Let's face it, I don't claim much - member of the London Society of Magicians Junior Section for a few years - dropped all magic to try to concentrate on the education my mum wanted me to acquire - then dropped out of school - and used a few simple, strong tricks in my street show. Used to hang out with Jake (and pick his brains) at Davenports (when it was opposite the British Museum) and Alan Alan at his shop down the road.

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