Monday, July 26, 2004

I'll try not to get too obscure, but this is a note to myself

Going into the Academy reminded me that (back when I was thinking about Leary's Eight Circuit(System) Model - I ended up in a hovel with no books for a while...and in order to reconstruct what I could remember, without notes, I decided to make my own 24 card Tarot Deck (Leary described three aspects of each of the 8 systems).

I had noticed that in the various writings on the subject, that the 5th and 6th circuits were sometimes reversed - I wasn't sure if that was from looking at texts from different time-periods, or one of those games (like Crowley changing the position of two of the traditional cards) - so I settled for what seemed right to me. I could understand the Neurogenetic Circuit being parallel with the 2nd circuit, and the Metaprogramming circuit being parallel to the 3rd circuit...but most of the texts have them the other way around - and no, without my old pile of books I can't tell you which said what (sigh) - and yes, that made sense, too! (depending on the ingenuity of the person...)

If you don't know ANYTHING about what I am referring to, then I am not going to start now (at 2 a.m.), but ANYWAY, over a few weeks I made up my cards, using only what I could find in my bought materials. Actually, one or two images came from books, so rather than tear them up I went and photocopied them - otherwise everything came from magazines lying around.

Now I should dig them out, and have another look.

They're just a grid, OK - a map - don't fret if it all sounds crazy. I also like the map that astrologers evolved over the centuries, but I don't have any strong belief about us actually being influenced by the planets - it's just a rather beautiful integrated metaphorical language system.

Ah, G'night - it's far too late for this stuff....

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