Thursday, July 15, 2004

Before they fade away...

Well, before they fade (and I know they weren't PC, their jokes - it's a long time ago)

the only image of Eddy I could find on the web

I'll have to find some hard copy to scan. Anyway, I once met Eddy's brother in Battersea Park. I was doing a show with (probably) The Raree Show - and he took me aside afterwards (me, a self-taught juggler) and showed me more possibilities to work on than I could even imagine. Not just showing-off hard stuff, but good solid gags, safe funny moves - the stuff audiences like, not the stuff that impresses other jugglers, necessarily. He gave me the right mix of skill and crowd-pleasing to maximise the impact of my minimal talent and/or experience.

I worked on the material from that ten minutes in the park for the next year or two. Meetings With Remarkable Men has nothing on this....

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