Monday, June 07, 2004

The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life

In my tea-breaks (and at home) I surf the net. Research is my drug of choice.

Looking at those juggling interviews led to Andrew Conway's collection of Heckle Stoppers (one of the researchers was The Butterfly Man, Robert Nelson, who I met at Castellar - he seemed to be having fun, he found the showers and breakfast - and ended up doing his boffer act with a prison guard when we did the show in Algeciras prison - one of the best spin-off shows I have seen at a convention). Those Heckle Stoppers were published in Volume 11 of Maledicta. Please don't visit this site if mere words upset you.

The title quote for this posting is from George Carlin's one-liners. His site contains its own warnings and disclaimers. His site is blocked by Cardiff Council on our People's Network PCs, as being "extreme", but you can pick up some links here, if necessary...

Enjoy! - "they're only words, but words can mean so much...."

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