Friday, May 28, 2004

Welcome to the Pentaphiles

I just dropped in on the pentablog and came across a link to this blog, so in case you arrived from there I will give you this link to get back (will this throw the internet into an endless loop?)

The 'Nazi coca-cola' link was in my posting on the 26th May. Mark Thomas is a British equivalent to Michael Moore (kinda) but much funnier, and slimmer, and ruder. But then again, he started off as an alternative stand-up comic.

I don't know if the exhibition is still open to new contributions, but it is certainly already open in London....

This was the invitation
Check out this modern robot toy advert with swastikas(!)
And here is a bit more background about it all - from The Independent
Or check out this book, reviewed at The Edge

I did have a link to Mark Thomas's article in the New Statesman that woke me up to this, but since then the link has changed and takes you to a page which demands a subscription payment. So you'll have to put "coca cola nazi" in Google, scroll down a little to find the New Statesman, and then look at the cached version (if you don't want to pay that is). - and you can enjoy his conversation with the man from McDonald's, talking about corporate responsibility: "I found this conversation incredible. Coca-Cola was being criticised on ethical issues by McDonald's!"

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