Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Beautiful Thoughts

Sorry about the irascible rant (cor, look at dem fancy words...) anyway, I thought I would pass on this nicer piece - found chalked up on the Wall Newspaper outside Shakespeare and Co in Paris - a message from Sylvia Beach:

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote about the little shops of the Latin Quarter 'with their shop windows filled with old books and etchings where nobody seemed to enter and the proprietor could be seen reading peacefully, indifferent to worldly success. Beside him lies a dog, or perhaps a cat. I wish sometimes to buy such a shop window for myself and sit beside it with a dog for twenty years.'
Rilke's statement was echoed by Anäis Nin when she told me she would like to lead the life I lead in a bookstore on the banks of the Seine River in Paris.

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