Wednesday, March 03, 2004

K seems to be out on the road with a travelling troupe - the best life there is!

I have decided not to go to San Diego and be the poor relation...locals will be signing photos, taking cash, and jumping into taxis to head to restaurants - I would spend half the time fretting about selling enough to cover my costs...and even if I did very well, and got into profit, I would be unlikely to feel flush. I guess the chip on my shoulder from hanging out with richer people never quite goes away - it would be particularly ironic to be living that kind of 'poor relation' thing when all the fans would be assuming I have the magic touch - the show biz glam - the lucky break.

In one way, of course, my low status attitude works well at conventions - I am approachable, generous, friendly, co-operative, open and honest - so I would hate to turn into a penny-pinching, greedy old hasbeen.

That's as bad as if I had carried on doing comedy juggling and magic - and found myself as a sad old uncle clown doing kids' parties. NO THANKS!

So, I keep on moving and changing.

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