Thursday, March 25, 2004

I watched "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" last night. Sort of Tarantino meets Sergio Leone, so not the sort of thing I invite Julie down to watch...she was busy editing her photos of the junk yard anyway (far more creative).

Of course, I enjoy anything with Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Antonio Banderas, etc - but the most interesting thing for me was in the special features - the visit to Troublemaker Studios and his amazing set-up - also his Ten Minute Film School. And here Robert Rodriguez in an interview, expressing how I feel:

Q: How do you see the internet impacting the entertainment industry?

RR: You know what it is, it's something that's just not defined yet. So it feels like...I can only imagine what filmmakers felt like when film was first invented. It was so open for experimentation. It hadn't been defined yet. They were defining it as they went and pulling out all the possibilities. That was an exciting place to be. If you read old film books you see how excited people were. They knew they were on to something but they didn't know quite what it was yet and now that film's been almost fully explored it's time for a new medium and it's exciting that it hasn't been defined enough yet for people to really know its full potential which is much grander than what we're thinking now. So to be in on that from the ground floor is just a real privilege.

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