Thursday, February 12, 2004

Well, hell it's nearly my birthday, so I have been playing Bob Dylan and screaming along with it - can't help it - I know how many of my friends think it is a strange love - but he's always been there for me - stoned, tripping, happy, sad, travelling, falling in love, breaking-up, getting old - there he always is, still going through changes and taking notes.

He ain't my guru. I am not a Bobcat.

Just love those words, and the phrasing - "exercises in tonal breath control" like he said. I think of him like an actor - and mimic his delivery the way a lot of us attempt to reproduce favourite lines from movies.

I've seen (heard) him live a few times - and I was one of the 'jugglers and the clowns' replacing a support band in the foyer at Earls Court, London, for 6 nights only, back in (oh when was it?) 1978?

"This is a song about marriage"

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