Saturday, February 28, 2004

I seem to have costed the San Diego comic con and put myself off by estimating the risk. It's a shame - I could fly over there NOW for a third of the price it will be in the July season....and the same thing goes with hotels, I guess.

It would have been fun to see Dave Barclay again...and the Pacific. I kinda hoped I could tie it in with a visit to Keili, which might have justified the expense, but I haven't heard from him in a few weeks, so I can't factor him into the equation...

C'est la vie. I think the Star Wars thing may well have peaked, anyway (what with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) - so I suspect I am only of interest to completists, now - the people who want a full set of EVERYONE concerned in making a movie. It makes it hard to think of selling 200 photos just to break even....

I am sure it can be done - and that people do it, but I was never a gambler (I am a lousy capitalist - partly because I never had any capital to play with, and - now - because I don't have any assets - tangible or intangible - to bet with or borrow against).

As if anyone really cares. I'll be back to delete. I am just using this to tell myself that I really have decided. Next step - let everyone involved know....hey ho.

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